9/11(sun)「タップダンスと身体表現、音と映像」 ランボルギーニ(ノルウェー)来日公演


Open 19:00/Start 19:30

Lamborghini is Janne Eraker (tap dance) and Harald Fetveit’s (electronic noise) improv duo. They formed in 2015 after the two met at a dance seminar in the Norwegian polar town Tromsø. They had their first rehearsal one early Sunday morning during the summer vacation of the same year. When they came out of the studio everything was very quiet… until a yellow Lamborghini roared by.


Janne Eraker works as a tap dancer in Norway and the Netherlands. She has an education in contemporary dance and tap dance from Oslo, New York and Rotterdam. She currently explores the possibilities in tap dance in different fields, like noise music, folk music and contemporary dance.  For the last 5 years she has performed with Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva (bass) in the projects Ventriloquism and Vang!. Janne has several ongoing collaborations with tap dancers and musicians in countries like Germany, Finland, Sweden and Russia. 



Harald Fetveit has played noise music since the early 1980’s and is regarded as one of the grandfathers of Norwegian noise. He has toured in Japan, Korea, Russia and Europe and collaborated with Mattin, Anla Courtis, Taku Unami, Seijiro Murayama, John Hegre, Agnes Hvizdalek and others.


He established the concert series Dans for Voksne in 2003, which is still running after more than 300 events. He also works on other projects like temporary sound laboratories for deaf people. He has a background in visual- and performance arts. Some of his work revolves naturally around making the experiences from the different fields of arts function together.

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