Shan Richards Exhibition 5/29(tue)-6/7(thu)



Waterfall   acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 120cm


Nishiki Koi   oil on canvas, 115cm x 76cm

Millie & Cassie   Oil on canvas, 120cm x 80cm

Artist Statement – Shan Richards

My work explores the interaction of colours and forms in an expressive, abstract style. I am greatly inspired by nature, beautiful diverse cultures, colours and the mysterious landscapes that surround us, endeavouring to capture and reflect these in my photography and paintings.

I have spent several years exploring different mediums from photography and painting,graphics, to fashion and couture design, experimenting with these techniques together to create my works. The fascination with the concept of manipulating fabrics into intricate 3D pleated “sculptural” works, has taken my work into a direction exploring the relationship between the techniques of draping with painting. Drawing on this concept, I experiment with the deconstruction of these 3d forms back into a 2D painting, creating ‘fabricated’illusions of depths and forms, heightening the effect by applying rich vivid colours.

My current series of works explores this concept of “Fabrication” inspired by my love of vibrant, uplifting colours, fabric draping, and beautiful, exotic landscapes that surround us. They explore the dynamics of these landscapes, nature, forms and colour, ‘fabricating’ an illusion to conjure the realms of our imaginations. By questioning the concept of movement, enhanced using these vibrant and positive colours, these works create strong, energetic and personal moments, leaving the viewer with an uplifted and invigorated feeling.

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